Audio Clips

Young Leaders Speak on KTRC-FM, 2018, on the Richard Eeds Show
Listen to and download audio here.

Dana, Saja and Gaya speak about their backgrounds, experiences with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and work for peace.

Young Leaders Speak on KSFR-FM, 2015
Download audio here. (3.5 MB mp3 file)

Mai Shbeta, Farah Sarawi and Shai Keidar speak about their backgrounds, questions, and commitment to peace.

Young Leaders Speak on Peace Talks Radio, 2012
Listen to audio here.

Senior young leaders Jwana Ghaleb and May Freed speak with Carol Boss about their ongoing work for peace.

Young Leaders Radio Interview, 2011
Download audio here. (23.6 MB mp3 file)

Sivan and Zoey (Jewish Israelis), Aya (Palestinian living in Israel), and Muna (Palestinian from the West Bank), are interviewed by Carol Boss on her “Women’s Focus” program on KUNM, 89.9 FM, New Mexico.

Video Clips

Young Leaders at Michael Franti/Lila Downs concert, August 2016

Young Leaders, Aia Khalaily and Shirit Milikovsky, speaking prior to Michael Franti and Lila Downs concert at the Santa Fe Opera, August 28, 2016.

Volunteer Thank You, 2016

I Saw It Through Her Eyes, 2015

The Human Sound project joined forces with 14 young Israeli and Palestinian women from Creativity for Peace to create this original song and video about their experience of working together on peace.

Young Leader Speaking Tour, 2015

In the fall of 2015 three Creativity for Peace Young Leaders – one Palestinian from the West Bank, one Israeli, and one Palestinian living in Israel – spoke at Santa Fe Community College about their work for peace.

Rothko Chapel, 2013

A talk by executive director Dottie Indyke and three Young Leaders at the Rothko Chapel in Houston in October 2013. Excerpts feature Indyke only.

EuroNews, 2011

EuroNews produced this segment on “teaching peace” as part of their “Learning World” program.

Mai Shbeta at the World Economic Forum, 2011

Young leader Mai Shbeta (2008 camper) was selected as a representative of the Global Youth Summit to make a presentation about the power of compassionate listening and authentic speaking in the peacemaking process. She gave her talk at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January 2011.