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Creativity for Peace’s leadership program begins with a three-week summer intensive (camp) in the United States and continues in Israel/Palestine with six weekend seminars over a two-year period.

Registration for the 2020 summer session is now closed.

The 2020 camp will take place 16 July – 6 August (plus travel). Young women interested in applying for the 2020 camp may do so now.

Participation is open to young women, ages 15-17, from Israel and Palestine. Please read the instructions carefully and submit all required materials in English. For more information contact Noa Ma'ayan, Program Coordinator in Israel, at

Camp brings young women from Israel and Palestine to a beautiful and peaceful setting, where communication and leadership are supported. Participants will have daily opportunities for dialogue, art-making, lots of fun, and the beginning of new friendships. Our rural location, high in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico, is near the state capital of Santa Fe, a small city known for its Native American and Spanish heritage, clear blue skies and soaring landscapes, as well as art, architecture, and cuisine. While activities are varied, there is a special emphasis on art. Your artmaking projects may include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and much more. We invite you to join us for an exceptional three weeks of exploration and discovery.

Within a month of returning home, you will again meet with the 15 other participants from your summer session to renew friendships, take part in dialogue, and support each other. This will be the first of six weekend seminars where you will deepen your understanding of the conflict, learn skills essential to becoming an effective leader, gain confidence and spend time with other young women who share a vision of building a future based on compassion and peace.

Camp Application

Get Ready for Camp

The altitude of camp is 2800 meters. Campers are housed in single- or double-room accommodation on 100+ acres of high desert prairie dotted with piñon and juniper trees with beautiful scenic views. Campers are assigned to their bedrooms based on cultural diversity. No room swapping is allowed.
Part of the camp program is to experience a diversity of international foods. Please come prepared to enjoy tasting new and different foods. Pork and shellfish are not included on the menu. Participants with special dietary needs should contact Noa Ma'ayan in advance. Though we attempt to accommodate special dietary needs, because of the complex logistics of our summer camp, we may not be able to provide for all special diets.
Cell phones, iPods, and other mobile devices are not permitted at camp. Families may call their daughter once a week at scheduled times (to be announced). The exceptions are emergencies or birthdays.
Families and friends may email no more than twice per week to However, campers are not permitted to use computers.
A suggested list of clothing and other items to bring will be distributed prior to the start of camp. Laundry is done every few days, so it is not necessary to bring a lot of clothes. Past experience has taught that it is highly advisable to pack in one suitcase and bring an empty suitcase for purchased items and art work. Please keep in mind that airlines have very strict baggage allowance and extra weight is very costly.
There will be a shopping expedition during camp. Shopping money is to be provided by each family. Each camper may bring NO MORE THAN $500 for personal shopping. As part of the application process, parents/guardians are required to verify that their daughters will not carry more than this amount.
Activities may include hiking, swimming, shopping, sports, visiting museums, and dining in private homes and restaurants. For outdoor activities, please bring walking shoes, a hat, and sunscreen.
Dental Needs
Please have a dental check-up several months before coming to camp. We have experienced many dental problems during camp, which take the pleasure out of the experience, result in lost activity time, and are very expensive.
Community Life
As part of the camp experience of forming community and acquiring leadership skills, daily chores will be assigned along with special times for helping with meals. Campers must be prepared to participate in some cooking, cleaning, and other chores.
Campers may not smoke or chew gum on campus.