Outreach to American Youth


Since 2008 Creativity for Peace has introduced American young people to peers from Israel and Palestine through programs that educate in communication, conflict resolution, and leadership.

The goals of our work with American youth are to:

  • Teach skills for transforming conflict at home, school, and elsewhere
  • Bridge racial, cultural and religious divides
  • Educate about the politics, culture, and history of Israel and Palestine
  • Present peer role models and introduction to new cultures
  • Inspire action for social justice and peace locally, nationally, and globally

American outreach programs include girls’ circles, talks and workshops delivered by Creativity for Peace Young Leaders, leadership training, internships, and art projects.

“I have learned how to be an independently thinking young woman who can make a change even outside of my community. I’ve learned that people are people, not nationalities.”

Jessie Hodges, 18, American