Summer Camp


Our annual three-week summer intensive in New Mexico lays the groundwork for understanding the story of the “other,” building friendships, and practicing the communication and leadership skills needed for future peacemaking.

Sixteen girls, ages 15-17, half Palestinian and half Israeli, are selected to attend. Each young woman must demonstrate leadership and a desire to work for peace and must commit to two years of follow-up training with Creativity for Peace in Israel/Palestine.

Camp includes approximately 40 hours of dialogue, in which participants learn to be compassionate listeners and authentic speakers, share their experiences growing up in conflict and violence, and develop a greater understanding of themselves and others.

Art is also a major component. Through projects in multiple genres, young women express their pain, heal, and practice partnering with the “other.”

Campers cook and clean together. Problems that arise in communal living provide an opportunity to practice peacemaking.

  • “I have learned that there is no such thing as one truth and that one ought to respect and not compare the emotions and pain of the other side.”
    Thalia, 20, Jewish Israeli
  • “Camp changed me a lot. I now have more self-confidence and am not afraid to talk and share my stories.”
    Lina, Palestinian
  • “I am coming home with hope and I believe that we can make a change.”
    Amal, Palestinian living in Israel
  • “I now understand the situation much better. My need to act has increased. I am standing on the verge of a journey of learning and self exploration.”
    Michal, Jewish Israeli