All girls who complete Creativity for Peace’s summer camp are expected to train as Young Leaders in order to deepen their communication and leadership skills through learning and practice.

Young Leaders are committed to their personal and professional growth and to making a difference as social entrepreneurs in their communities, countries, region and world. They expand their knowledge and awareness of the conflict between Palestine and Israel and play an active role in creating change.

Each summer a few Young Leaders are chosen to work as junior counselors at camp.

These committed peacemakers are supported in creating projects in their communities, such as facilitating youth dialogues, producing art exhibitions and films, and raising funds for humanitarian needs.

Young Leaders also speak at conferences, attend global summits, meet with government leaders, and facilitate workshops for high school students in the United States, Israel, Palestine, and beyond.

“I deeply believe that the women of Creativity for Peace will make a change in our reality. We are going to lead people to different and new ways of thinking, starting with ourselves, and using the skills and the experience that the organization has given to us.”

Aia, 26, Palestinian living in Israel

Senior Leaders

Nelly Nasra (2004 camper), Palestinian living in Israel
Daphna Avdish (2005), Jewish Israeli
Fairouz Abadi (2005), Palestinian living in Israel
Ameera Said (2005), Palestinian
Manar Mahamid (2005), Palestinian living in Israel
Rula Abu Hussein (2005), Palestinian living in Israel
May Freed (2005), Jewish Israeli
Adi Goldshtein (2005), Jewish Israeli
Sivan Kedem (2005), Jewish Israeli
Baraa Darawshe (2006), Palestinian living in Israel
Liat Epstein (2006), Jewish Israeli
Aya Basheer (2006), Palestinian living in Israel
Ayala Dangour (2006), Jewish Israeli
Jwana Ghaleb (2006), Palestinian
Maya Hochstadter (2006), Jewish Israeli
Dima Khalifa (2006), Palestinian living in Israel
Yuval Dadoosh (2007), Jewish Israeli
Siwar Hamati (2007), Palestinian living in Israel
Muna Sbouh (2008), Palestinian
Mai Shbeta (2008), Jewish/Palestinian
Nahida Tannous (2008), Palestinian
Yaara Tal (2008), Jewish Israeli
Majdal Natshe (2008), Palestinian
Aseel Haj Ali (2008), Palestinian living in Israel
Shirit Milikovski (2009), Jewish Israeli
Farah Sarawi (2009), Palestinian
Aia Khalaily (2010), Palestinian living in Israel
Jenan Malak (2011), Palestinian
Deema Yusuf (2012), Palestinian
Shay Keidar (2013), Jewish Israeli
Yohanna Ginbar (2013), Jewish Israeli
Sarah Abu Baker (2013), Palestinian
Rand Masalha (2013), Palestinian living in Israel
Liza al Masri (2013), Palestinian
Shir Bar El (2014), Jewish Israeli
Taima Abu Ahmad (2014), Palestinian living in Israel
Thalia Carmen Sela (2014), Jewish Israeli
Naama Shlomy (2015), Jewish Israeli
Sana Zahalka (2015), Palestinian living in Israel
Dana Mansour (2015), Palestinian living in Israel
Gaya Garmi (2015), Jewish Israeli
Saja Abu Hakmeh (2015), Palestinian-American


Sivan Kedem
Mai Shbeta
Shay Keidar
Ameera Said